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Created 27-Apr-13
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Jerusalem - Wailing Wall, Nov 3-7 1994Jerusalem, Nov 3-7, 1994Jerusalem, Wailing Wall, November 1994JerusalemJerusalem, Wailing Wall, Nov 1994Jerusalem - entrance to Church of Holy SepulchreJerusalem - Site of Jesus' CrucifixionJerusalem - Site of Jesus' CrucifixionJerusalemJerusalemMuslim Quarter, JerusalemJerusalem, Cemetary on Mount of OlivesMasada, climb to the top at sunrise, Nov 5, 1994Top of Masada during Sunrise + Dead Sea, Nov 5, 1994Dead Sea Float after Masada Climb, Nov 5, 1994Monastary - drive from Jericho to JerusalemDrive from Jericho to JerusalemMasada and Dead Sea AreaMasada and Dead Sea Area

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