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Created 26-Aug-12
21 photos

Termite Mound - near Turkwel Gorge Dam, Kenya, March 3, 1996Barranco Camp (13,044 ft) setting up camp, Mt. Kilimanjaro, July 2009Barranco Camp (13,044 ft), Mt Kilimanjaro, July 2009Outhouse with a View, Barranco Camp (13,044 ft), Mt Kilimanjaro, July 2009Karanga Camp sunrise (13,106 ft.), Mt Kilimanjaro, July 2009Summit of Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft.), July 2009Karanga Camp after sunrise (13,106 ft), Mt Kilimanjaro, July 2009Mt. Kilimanjaro Porters (15,000 ft.) - July 2009Barafu Camp (15,331 ft.), Mt. Kilimanjaro, July 2009Snows of Kilimanjaro (19,000 ft), Approaching Summit, July 2009Rhinoceros IguanaView from Summit of Castaway Island, Fiji, May 23, 2004Rainbow in Buena Vista, Colorado, August 25, 2005

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